Through its Humanitarian Outreach Project for Education Fund, Missouri NEA assists students and schools. 

The HOPE fund aids students who have been affected by a natural disaster, hardship or other special circumstance with school-related expenses such as the purchase of school supplies or clothing.

The HOPE fund also provides financial assistance for educational-related supplies to schools that have been damaged or destroyed by fire or natural disaster. 


Applicant's Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Zip Code:
Primary Phone Number:  
Local MNEA Association/
School District:  

NEA ID:    

Recipient's Information

Name of Recipient(s) and Grade Level (if applicable)

School district:  
School Building:  

Donation Information

Amount Requested:  
Reason for Request:

How will the check be presented?

Where should the check be mailed?
Full Name:
Zip Code:
Check should be made payable to (full name):   


The HOPE fund is one of the projects of the HCR (Human, Civil Rights) Committee.


Application Process:
A HOPE fund application must be received and approved by the MNEA President, MNEA Vice-President or MNEA Executive Director, in that order, before an award of money will be made from the HOPE Fund.

Application criteria:
a. Hardship and special circumstances
b. Extra curricular fees, needs and school-related expenses
c. Natural disasters

Awards are limited to $500.

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