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Examining: Helping Students Overcome Depression and Anxiety

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This is a three-credit hour, online course focused on how educators, counselors, social workers, psychologists and other behavioral/emotional support personnel in the schools can help children with anxiety and depression. Participants learn about internalizing behavioral disorders in children, and what techniques are best for dealing with them.

Participants will be able to recognize the signs, symptoms and secondary consequences of depression and anxiety, understand the assessment process, learn a number of interventions and treatment strategies, and gain experience developing cognitive-behavioral intervention plans to help students in the classroom overcome depression and anxiety and barriers to success.

This course is presented in a modified, self-paced format. Participants are expected to access the course regularly and make reasonable progress, but there are no due dates attached to individual assignments. Instead there are two absolute due dates (mid-term and the last day of class) to provide flexibility and to better accommodate participants' busy schedules.

Required text:
Helping Students Overcome Depression and Anxiety, 2nd Ed. (2008) by Kenneth W. Merrell. It can be purchased at local bookstores or ordered online. Due to page and publication differences between the hard and electronic copies, the Kindle version is NOT recommended.

Credit: 3 graduate credit hours

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