NEA's Degrees Not Debt Campaign releases A Student's Story: The Stats and Real Life Stories Behind College Debt


Do you have student loan debt? 
You may be leaving money on the table. Read the 5 Steps to Kick Student Debt to learn more.

The Stats and Real Life Stories Behind College Debt 
College is increasingly unattainable for students. Read some of their stories. (PDF)

A Student’s Story: The Stats and Real Life Stories Behind College Debt  lays out some of the most important facts about student debt and gives life to how these facts translate into reality for students, teachers, parents, professionals and the authors (a former intern in the Center for Organizing) with stories given from their own experiences.  It is a great tool to use when talking to the media, members of the legislature, and our own brothers and sisters in the association.

Student debt in this country affects the choices and lifestyle of over 40 Million Americans – many of them are our current and future teachers.

There are solutions to the crisis of college affordability. Here are a few of the solutions we can demand from Congress:

  • Increase need-based federal aid, like Pell Grants.
  • Refinance loan interest rates. Its not right that we can refinance loans on cars or homes, but not on student loans.
  • Expand loan forgiveness programs, especially those for people working in public service careers like educating.

If you believe that all Americans, no matter their background, deserve a fair shot at higher education, join us.

Sign the Degrees Not Debt pledge.

Posted Date: 10/2/2014
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