Action Alert: Senate to Debate Paycheck and Anti-Bargaining Bill

The Senate General Laws Committee approved an SCS/HB 251 (Taylor) Feb. 22. The original HB 251 as passed by the House applies to all public labor organizations and requires annual authorization for payroll deduction of member dues and annual authorization for member contributions of dues or fees for political action. The bill also imposes federal-style financial reporting mandates on both statewide public unions and all affiliated local organizations, regardless of size. The SCS adds in the provisions of SCS/SB 210 (Onder) including many harmful provisions that will interfere with public sector bargaining, such as mandatory, biennial recertification elections, prescriptive financial reporting mandates and problematic restrictions on bargained agreements.

The bill could be taken up by the Senate at any time and is considered likely to be taken up for debate next week (March 13-17) before the legislature leaves for a week-long break. 
The Association strongly opposes SCS/HB 251. 

ACTION NEEDED: PLEASE CALL, WRITE OR USE THE LINK BELOW to send an e-mail to urge your state senator to oppose SCS/HB 251.

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Posted Date: 3/10/2017
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