Action Alert: Legislative leaders to discuss possible veto override on budget-busting tax breaks

By Otto Fajen
MNEA Legislative Director

House leaders will meet on July 14, 2014 to discuss possible veto override attempts in the upcoming Veto Session in September. That date is also the deadline for final veto action by the Governor on bills passed this session.

Governor Jay Nixon vetoed ten tax cut bills on June 11. The vetoed bills are HB 1296 (Koenig), HB 1455 (Hoskins), HB 1865 (Redmon), SB 584 (Dixon), SB 612 (Schaaf), SB 662 (Kraus), SB 693 (Parson), SB 727 (Chappelle-Nadal), SB 829 (Kraus) and SB 860 (Cunningham). Eight of the ten bills were passed on May 16, the final day of session.These ten tax break bills are collectively referred to as the Budget-Busting Tax Breaks. Legislative leaders are expected to discuss the prospects for override attempts on these tax break bills.

The bills include numerous new sales tax exemptions that will reduce state revenues and also have a significant impact on local tax collections. The vetoed provisions will significantly reduce state and local revenues, including Prop C revenues for schools.

The Association appreciates the effort of the Governor in protecting Missourians from the impact of these harmful and unnecessary tax giveaways that would reduce funding for public schools and other vital state and local public services and urges legislators to sustain the vetoes of these bills.

Your help is needed. Please call, write or email to urge your state legislators to sustain the Governor's veto of the Budget-Busting Tax Breaks. The following link will connect you to the MNEA Legislative Action Center Action Alert on the Budget-Busting Tax Breaks.

Type in your zip code and the alert will automatically be directed to your state legislators. The Action Alert contains a brief summary and a brief, editable message box to help you send an email to your state legislators on the issue. Your message will have a greater impact if you personalize the message adn add your own concerns regarding the bills in question.

Contact your legislators now 

Posted Date: 7/9/2014
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